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About Us

NATIVIDAD VENTURES has been supplying high quality radio communication for decades. With popular brands ICOM, Motorola, Kenwood, and Cignus. Great customer service support and deliver the best results for your needs. We you offer the following:
  1. High Quality Original Handheld Portable Radio products
  2. Popular Reliable Brands ICOM, Motorola, Kenwood, Cignus, and Inrico
  3. Unlimited Distance Network Two Way Radio that can reach from Luzon to Mindanao or abroad.
  4. Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Two Way Radio Systems (Analog or Digital)
  5. Installation of Repeater and Base Radio
  6. Broadband Satellite Internet Connection nationwide coverage via Satellite
  7. Registration Service for NTC Permits
Believes that achieving goal is to provide excellent customer service. Supplying the best compatible two way radio for your business and work.
Providing you the best suggestion and expert advice on your communication needs. The best deals and high quality NTC approved radio for you


  1. NTC Accredited Dealer
  2. PHILGEPS Accredited Dealer – PLATINUM MEMBER
  3. CPE Accredited Dealer